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JCIC INTERNATIONAL was established in London in 2011. We have a global remit and we work at both national and international multi-lateral levels.  Our expertise spans the private and public sectors including where they intersect, primarily in the regulatory and public policy areas that impact business and governance. 

We are also well experienced in strategic alliances, and we have assisted developing economies with public administration. Although we are UK based and experienced, we are have particular expertise in the Asia Pacific, Australasia and Africa regions. 

We have helped our clients with strategic advocacy and engagement in a variety of fields and industries, however, our main focus is in the difficult and contentious fields of: Transition from Smoking to Vaping and Nicotine Alternatives; Health & Harm Reduction;  Anti-Illicit Trade including Track & Trace and Supply Chain Security.

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JCIC's principal has over 20 years of experience in this field and an in-depth understanding of global tobacco regulation and the emerging areas of regulation covering e-cigarettes and vaping (open and closed systems); heated tobacco products; Swedish Snus: Oral Nicotine Pouches and other innovative areas.

JCIC has expertise in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Treaty including its national domestic application, and the harm reduction and human rights elements contained within it. JCIC has attended all of the International Negotiating Bodies (INBs) to develop the FCTC as well as the majority of its international Conference of the Parties (COPs) meetings.

JCIC's principal has published extensively on tobacco harm reduction and the international regulatory landscape including an LLM Dissertation in 2007 from King's College London on: Emerging International Public Health Issues – Human Rights, Harm Reduction and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

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JCIC's principal worked on the FCTC Protocol on the Elimination of All Forms of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products, including assisting governments to understand implementation provisions once the treaty entered into force -  focusing primarily on the areas of tax and volume verification; track and trace through the supply chain; and enforcement. 

JCIC has participated in the OECD Taskforce on Countering Illicit Trade and Co-chaired its Taskforce on the Illicit Trade in Environmentally Sensitive Goods and Wildlife.

The Impact of illicit trade on the legitimate economy is significant. JCIC has been involved in public private partnerships   (including government and in-house training) to scope and understand the issues; working with enforcement officials; and assisting with policy development to measure and address the global problem.

JCIC is experienced with various measurement methodologies including loss to government revenue, impact on brand, and erosion of State resources. JCIC is able to assist with business decisions to select appropriate track and trace systems to meet specific objectives - whether business or regulatory requirements. We have various partners and associates in this area to assist in bespoke business solutions.

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Sometimes the best way to make progress is to talk. JCIC specialises in bringing together those that need, or should talk, in order to bring about effective and progessive solutions.

We specialise in bringing together different sides of the table to find workable solutions, carefully and diplomatically. We understand the cross cultural dimension of negotiations and our years of experience and track record enable us to assist business and governments to achieve often unthinkable solutions.

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