International Law & Regulation

International public law governs such areas as the law of the sea, human rights, and trade but relatively recently it has entered the domain of business and industry and continues on that path.

Both the energy industry, with the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC), and the tobacco industry with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) have been subject to a host of regulatory requirements, which started internationally in multilateral forums hosted by international organizations, and now impact domestically in countries where those industries operate.

It is the role of governments to negotiate in intergovernmental multi-lateral forums, but it is important for business and industry to advocate their views on developing policy to government officials taking part.  To ignore international policy development and not take part in the process is to leave the domestic outcomes to chance and to the views of those taking part.

Domestic regulatory and legislative outcomes resulting from international public law are impacted by advocacy, or the lack of advocacy, in its development. This is a new area for companies and industries not used to navigating the development of international public law and treaty making.

We understand these processes and we have experience from both government and company perspectives.