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Businesses the world over, are affected by public policy – the rules and regulations that govern what they can and can’t do. Public policy priorities are shaped and influenced by advocacy – the skills used to influence and bring about a desired regulatory outcome.

We are public affairs and advocacy specialists.  We understand the regulatory process at the national and international level. We represent both the public and the private sectors. We can engage stakeholders on your behalf or with you, on any issue, in any industry or sector, or any policy forum anywhere in the world.

JCIC maintains long-standing and good relationships with a vast network of contacts within multi-national corporates, business, international financial institutions, government, international organizations and agencies, academia, media and civil society. As a result, from time to time, clients of JCIC request assistance from JCIC to promote and progress the execution of the client’s business strategy.

Our speciality areas are: